The ENSOC shop was founded prior to 1960 and has been helping out engineering students in both a social and academic aspect ever since. The shop sells a wide variety of stationary such as exercise books and pens, as well as engineering specific equipment such as calculation pad, steam tables, electrical kits and mechanical drawing packs. ENSOC shop prides itself on delivering the lowest available prices, with all stock being sold at almost cost price. Many study aids such as Redbull and chocolate are sold at the shop to help students get through periods of high workload.

The shop is one of the main points of contact with the ENSOC committee, so it is the place to go for ENSOC members to buy tickets for events, get membership with the club and let the committee know if you have any tips or comments.  Lockers are available to students in the engineering block and these are also organised by the shop. The ENSOC shop is run by the Shop Manager, a committee member who is chosen each year by the outgoing ENSOC committee.  The shop is open 12.45pm-1.15pm every weekday, with the shop well prepared to give you what you want!