ENSOC Engineering Expo presented by Fonterra


ENSOC holds an annual careers expo to help engineering students get graduate and summer intern jobs. The purpose of the Expo is to assist student engineers in deciding career and study paths as well as enabling recruiting industries to display recruitment possibilities. Students can talk to companies to see what sort of engineers they employ and then decide what direction they need to take if they wish to be suitable for future employment in that field.


The Expo is one of the highlights in the University of Canterbury year with value for both members of the College of Engineering and the profession. Students are given an opportunity to gather ideas and insights to make informed decisions about their futures. Undergraduate engineers are assisted in choosing their career and study paths, while final year students are provided with a range of graduate recruitment possibilities.

Stalls are stationed around the Engineering concourse of the Engineering building on UC campus, which students pass through every day to attend classes. This gives companies a unique opportunity to communicate with students at an informal level, at which they are very comfortable. Likely topics include information on your company’s products and services, the kind of people your company employs, and recruitment opportunities.


  • Engineering departments
  • Recruitment firms
  • Representatives from industry
  • Industry Guilds


  • Final year recruitment
  • Summer vacation recruitment
  • Departmental postgraduate programme advice
  • Advice on course selection for penultimate year students
  • Advice on discipline to take for intermediate year students
  • Industry guild advice – IPENZ


2019 Date: 24th of July.

Alex McKay

Event co-ordinator
ENSOC industry