Templin Scroll Competition

Congratulations to the 2018 winners!

Templin Scroll:   Larissa Wilson

Templin Prize:    Oscar Gittings

2nd in Templin Scroll: Marco Tyler-Rodrigue


The Templin Scroll Competition is held annually to recognise the academic writing and presentation skills of any student who is taking a regular course of study at the School of Engineering who is a financial member of the Engineering Society. The Templin Scroll Award was donated to the Society in 1941. This was followed by the further donation of the Templin Prize in 1945.

The subject matter may embrace any aspect of engineering or applied science, technical, economic or human. The paper shall be written in a form suitable for publication or for submission as a project or design report, but postgraduate students may not present a paper directly relating to their field of research. It shall be the author’s own work (a bibliography should be appended) and presented by the student.

The Templin Scroll shall be awarded for the best written and presented paper. The Templin Prize shall be awarded for the best written paper (with preference given to technical papers). The winner of the Templin Scroll shall not be eligible for the award of the Templin Prize. A third prize may be awarded as funds allow. This is at the discretion of the judges and Engineering Society; it shall be decided according to the prize pool and quality of submissions.

Event Timeline for 2019

Entries shall be received until midnight Friday 20th September, submitted to faculty@ensoc.com

21st – 25th September: The entries will be reviewed by the judges and the best six shall be selected for presentation. The students who will be presenting will be informed by 5pm Wednesday 25th September.

2nd October: The presentations will be held in E6 in the Engineering Core at 5.30pm on Wednesday 2nd October.  A period of 15 minutes (10 minutes presentation and 5 minutes questions) will be allowed for the presentation of each paper.

For more details email faculty@ensoc.com

History of the Templin Scroll

J R Templin, a prominent consultant electrical engineer, was the first Chairman of the Canterbury Branch of the New Zealand Institution of Engineers. Throughout his career he took a keen interest in the Engineering Society. In 1941 he donated the Templin Scroll Award to the society and followed this with a further donation of the Templin Prize in 1945. His awards were made with the intention of encouraging engineers in the art of presenting their subject to others.

Special Thanks

ENSOC  would like to acknowledge Engineering New Zealand, the College of Engineering, the University of Canterbury Library and the John R Templin Trust for their continued support of this event.

Previous Winners

Year Winner
2019 Larissa Wilson
2018 Morgan King
2107 Albert Nisbet
2016 Raymond Qiu
2015 Madeline Wright
2014 Jay Wong
2013 Jamie Schiel
2012 Nicholas Wilson
2011 Max Millen
2010 Prageeth Jayathissa
2009 Doyle D’Mello
2008 Hannah Farr
2007 T Mander
2006 B Leslie
2005 M Willacy
2001 Balsam Obaid
2000 B G Lategan
1999 B P Bell
1998 P Nees
1996 A Nelson
1995 R Tinholt
1994 E Dalziell
1993 Debi Boffa
1992 Dean W McNulty & P W Reilly
1991 J M Evans
1990 N A Oien
1989 S Chamberlain
1988 Sue-Ellen Fenelon
1987 J J Remacha & A J Garner
1986 Roger A Sutton
1983 M J Philpott
1982 R Lister
1979 R Peek
1977 Sharon Beder
1976 Keith V Alexander
1975 P C Doidge
1974 Pham Duc Truong
1970 N S Kane
1969 L K Brown
1968 J F Boag
1967 R W Thomas
1966 P M Cashin
1965 M J Pederson
1964 R Newdick
1963 Gerry L Coates
1962 D J Woodhams
1961 P Yeoman
1960 R E Harrison
1959 M R Cooke
1958 B C R Davis
1957 H A Trethowen
1956 Malcolm Douglass
1955 W M Bremner
1954 W D Pringle
1953 L J Yetman
1952 D R Teplitzky
1951 B Schor
1950 C S Samuel
1949 C K Putt
1948 A G Fellows  & L R Pairman
1947 D Bastings
1946 W S Handisides
1945 J D Bradshaw
1944 L R Clapp
1943 R D Norman
1942 F M Henderson
1941 S J Penman