ENSOC elects an executive committee on an annual basis. All committee members are part of the College of Engineering, with “3rd Pro” students making up a substantial part of the team. Congratulations to those elected into the 2014 committee.

Ensoc Committee 2014

Executive Committee 2014
President: Guy Wilson
Secretary: Rupert Curlett
Treasurer: Laura Pedofsky
Faculty: Nicola Thompson
Industry: Callum Schrader
Sponsorship: Fin Meldrum
Social Rep Guy: Felix Porten
Social Rep Girl: Ellen Sharland
Media & Marketing: James Kember
Editor: Kit Clinton-Baker
Sports: Tate Matson
3rd Pro Rep: Joe Jordan
2nd Pro Rep Guy: Mack Delany
2nd Pro Rep Girl: Millie McKelvie
Shop Manager: Tim Johnson
Webmaster: David Hunt

Ex Officio Roles:
Fleet Manager: Kip Clere
Shop Assistant #1 (Sports Assistant): Henry Marchant
Shop Assistant #2 (Industry Assistant): Luca Brown
Shop Assistant #3 (Social Assistant): Charles More
Shop Assistant #4 (Media Assistant): James Martin

For more info on the positions, CLICK HERE